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International webinar on Palestine, Leading Palestinian party leaders, politicians, parliamentarians, historians and journalists participated

KARACHI (PNIC) An International webinar on the current situation in Palestine held on Sunday by the joint efforts of Parliamentary forum on Palestine, Kashmir , Rohingya (PKR) and Palestine Foundation Pakistan (PLF). in this online conference Leading Palestinian party leaders, including politicians, parliamentarians, historians and journalists were attended.

Addressing an international webinar on the current situation in Palestine, Senator Mushahid Hussain Syed said that the entire Pakistani nation is united on the issue of Palestine. Support for the Palestinian cause is part of Pakistan’s national policy, supporting the Palestinian resistance against Israel.

Federal Minister for Human Rights Dr. Shirin Mazari asked why the 41-nation military alliance does not take action for Palestine, the time has come for practical action against Israeli terrorism. Forty-one counties military alliances should take action against Israeli terrorism.
Leading Hamas leader from Gaza, Dr. Bassim Naeem said that Israel was carrying out an organized genocide against the Palestinians, and that the Palestinian people are fighting a war for entire Islamic world. Palestine belongs to all Palestinians. We will not give up an inch of Palestine.
Dr. Abbas Gulro, Member of Parliament for Iran and a senior official said that Iran has always supported the Palestinians and supported the repatriation of Palestinians for a just solution to Palestinian nation. He said that today the balance of power in the world has changed and Israel is kneeling in the face of Palestinian resistance. He said that the solution to Palestine is possible only with the repatriation of Palestinians and the expulsion of settlers from Palestine.
Well-known journalist Hamid Mir said that journalists should be allowed to go to Gaza to cover Israeli terrorism. All Arab countries, including Turkey, should break up ties with Israel.
The Turkish MP Hasan Turan said that the Palestinian people are fighting a war of truth and falsehood, victory is the destiny of the Palestinians. He said that the Turkish parliament is with the Palestinians.
General (retd) Ghulam Mustafa said that Pakistan, Iran and Turkey must assure joint efforts to resolve the issue of Palestine and Kashmir.
Lebanese Hezbollah leader Dr. Talat Attras said Israeli terrorism against the Palestinian people was US-sponsored. Hezbollah is close to the liberation of Palestine.
Ehsan Ataya, a senior leader of Islamic Jihad active in the fight against Israel in Palestine, said that the Palestinian freedom fighters are in war against Israel, the Muslim Ummah should strengthen our struggle with mutual unity. We will soon wipe Israel off the world map.
Addressing the gathering, senior Jamaat-e-Islami leader Liaquat Baloch said that Muslims of the world are protesting against Israeli terrorism. Our position on Palestine is the same as that of Quaid-e-Azam declared 74 years ago.

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