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Global March to Jerusalem



The imprisoned Palestinian leader Marwan Barghouti has had new punitive measures used against him by the Israeli Prison Service, following his plea to Palestinian’s for a non violent third intifada.

 In the days leading to Palestine Land Day, Barghouti told the press “I appeal to the great Palestinian people for unity, cohesion, the creation of a government of national unity, and to pursue its peaceful resistance to end the occupation” Furthermore he urged the Palestinian Authority to “end all forms of coordination” with Israel.According to AFP news agency, Barghouti has now been placed in solitary confinement without saying how long the sanctions would be in place.Barghouti was regarded as a leader in the 1st and 2nd intifada, and has been said to have founded Tanzim, which is widely considered to be an armed offshoot from Fateh. Barghouti was accused of being a terrorist by Israel, who stated that he masterminded many terror attacks and suicide bombs against Israel. He was arrested and detained in Ramallah in 2002, and was convicted of murder with 5 life sentences

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