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IOF bombs Palestine Today TV headquarters in Gaza

GAZA(Palestine Foundation Information Center)Israeli occupation forces (IOF), on Friday, bombarded the office of Palestine Today, a TV channel affiliated with the Islamic Jihad Movement in Gaza City. The attack also destroyed the channel’s broadcast vehicle.

The channel administration issued a statement condemning the attack, charging the IOF with deliberate targeting of the channel and its personnel to hinder its media coverage that exposes the Israeli war crimes and bloody aggression on Gaza.

It stressed that “this is not the first time that the IOF has deliberately targeted the channel, whether in the Gaza Strip or in the West Bank and Jerusalem, in a desperate attempt to silence its voice, and prevent it from delivering its message.”

As a channel of a resistance movement, many of its workers have fallen martyrs and others have been subjected to many restrictions and harassment including, abuse, threats, and arrest, the statement added.

The Channel reiterated, in its statement, that this act “is an attempt to hide the Israeli atrocities carried out against civilians as well as facilities in the Gaza Strip.”

The Government Media Office in Gaza announced last Tuesday that the number of journalist martyrs had risen to 97 since the start of the Israeli brutal aggression on the Strip on October 7.

Since then, the IOF has been waging a destructive war on Gaza, resulting in 20,057 deaths and 53,320 injuries, mostly women and children, causing massive damage to infrastructure and an unprecedented humanitarian catastrophe.

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