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IOF detains 57 Palestinians across West Bank

WEST BANK,(Palestine Foundation Information Center)Israeli occupation forces (IOF) launched at dawn Thursday a large-scale arrest campaign across the West Bank and Jerusalem in line with its revenge policy against the Palestinian people that has been relentlessly carried out for 41 days in a row.

The IOF has reportedly detained 57 Palestinians across different areas of the West Bank after storming and wreaking havoc inside houses.

In Ramallah, seven Palestinians were rounded up after a large Israeli force raided al-Mughair town, bulldozed a 100-meter-long road, occupied houses’ rooftops, and blocked traffic in the town.

In Qalqilya, six men were arrested from different areas in the governorate, while in Jenin the IOF deployed its soldiers across the city and its towns as well as in the fields of olive trees.

Earlier on Wednesday evening, the IOF stormed Jenin and demolished Abu Jandal statue at the entrance of Yabad town.

In Bethlehem, four Palestinians detained in Housan town, west of the city, after IOF stormed the town and turned some of its houses into military observation posts and blocked traffic.

In the Dheisheh camp in the south, the IOF broke into the house of the family of martyr Moataz Zawahra in the Al-Finiq area and tore his pictures down before drawing the Israeli flag. Clashes erupted in the area with no casualties reported.

Meanwhile, two Palestinians were injured and a third was arrested in Tubas in clashes that broke out after IOF raided al-Faraa refugee camp in the south. The IOF fired bullets, tear gas and stun grenades at the Palestinians during the confrontation.

In Nablus, four Palestinians were rounded up from different points in the governorate. The IOF savagely stormed and wreaked havoc inside a number of houses after breaking their doors, local sources reported.

In al-Khalil, 17 Palestinians were detained, while in Jericho, two others were arrested from Ain al-Sultan Street as they were riding their motorcycle.

Earlier on Wednesday night, the IOF had stormed Jericho city and fired flare bombs over Aqabat Jabr refugee camp, in the south, and arrested two young men who were riding a motorbike in downtown Jericho.

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