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IOF Tulkarem attack death toll rises to eight

TULKAREM (Palestine Foundation Information Center) The death toll of the Israeli attack on the Tulkarem and Nur Shams refugee camps rose to eight martyrs after the body of a Palestinian young man was found in Tulkarem camp at dawn Friday.

Muhammad Mutee Mahmoud Salit, 22, was shot by an Israeli sniper on Wednesday, but the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) prevented Palestinian ambulances from approaching and transferring him.

The martyr’s body later disappeared and was found early today.

The Palestinian Red Crescent crews transported the body to the Martyr Thabet Thabet Governmental Hospital in the city.

Local sources reported that the IOF troops withdrew from some areas in Tulkarem camp, but were still deployed in some neighborhoods.

The IOF 45-hour aggression on the Tulkarem and Nur Shams camps resulted in the killing of eight martyrs, including:

1- 18-year-old Ahmed Tariq Noman Faraj

2- 17-year-old Walid Ibrahim Muhammad Ghanem

3- 17-year-old Ahmed Musa Mutlaq Bedouin

4- 35-year-old Ahmed Moin Deeb Mahdawi

5 – 22-year-old Muhammad Mutee Mahmoud Salit

6- 22-year-old Ashraf Ahmed Yassin Yassin

7- 27-year-old Muhammad Faisal Dawas Abu Awad

8- 23-year-old Abd al-Rahman Essam Ibrahim Othman

Since last Wednesday, the IOF spread in large numbers in Tulkarem and its refugee camps, ransacked several homes, brutalized and maltreated members of families, and used some houses as detention and interrogation outposts.

IOF also rampaged through businesses and public facilities, including a mosque, damaged cars, and raided a house in the Ukasha neighborhood of Tulkarem camp before burning it.

Hundreds of citizens, including children and minors, were kidnapped and herded into houses used as interrogation centers in Tulkarem.

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