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IPS imposes further sanctions against Gilboa escapees

RAMALLAH, (The Palestine Information Centre) The Israeli Prison Service (IPS) has tightened its restrictions on the six Palestinian prisoners who escaped Gilboa prison in September 2021, the Palestinian Commission for Detainees and Ex-Detainees Affairs revealed Wednesday.

The Commission pointed out that the six prisoners are still being held in solitary confinement amid inhuman detention conditions.

The Israeli authorities have earlier listed the six escapees, Mahmoud Ardah, Muhammad Ardah, Ayham Kammaji, Munadel Nafa’at, Zakariya Zubaidi, and Yaqoub Qadri, as extremely dangerous prisoners.

The lawyer Karim Ajwa affirmed that the prisoner Ayham Kammaji is currently held in solitary confinement, denied his basic human needs, and subjected to daily raids and searches.

He further pointed out that the IPS refused Kammaji’s request to purchase a physiotherapy device, as he suffers from permanent muscle spasm and needs physical therapy.

Meanwhile, the IPS renewed the administrative detention of the imprisoned journalist Nidal Abu Aker, 55, for an additional six months for the third time in a row.

Abu Aker, a father of three children, was re-arrested on August 1, 2022, nearly two and a half months after his last release, where he spent 23 months in administrative detention.

Administrative detention is ordered by the Israeli military commander and grounded on a “secret file.” Under administrative detention policy, a prisoner is held without charge or trial for up to 6 months, which can be repeatedly renewed.

There are currently 4,900 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails, including 28 female prisoners.


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