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Israel forcibly expels Palestinian family from their home in occupied al-Quds

Palestine(The Palestine Information Centre) Israeli forces and extremist settlers have expelled a Palestinian family from their home in occupied East al-Quds as the Tel Aviv regime escalates the forced displacement of Palestinians from their homes across the occupied territories.

Just after dawn on Tuesday, dozens of Israeli police and paramilitary officers raided the Ghaith-Sub Laban family in Quds’ Old City and forced them out before the illegal settlers moved in.

The house is located in the Aqabat al-Khalidiya neighborhood, near al-Aqsa Mosque.

Videos shared online showed members of the family pushed out into the streets, shouting and crying in distress.

Mustafa Sub Laban, 72, was inside the house when Israeli forces arrived, while his wife, Nora Sub Laban, 68, was outside. Nora told local media after returning to her home to find it seized by police that the Israeli regime had stolen everything from Palestinians.

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