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Israel must not agree to Saudi uranium enrichment: Opposition leader

Saudi Arabia, (The Palestine Information Centre)Israeli opposition leader Yair Lapid says the regime can under no circumstances agree to a uranium enrichment program by Saudi Arabia, as Riyadh’s enrichment activities may spark “a nuclear arms race” in the region.

The former Israeli prime minister’s remarks came on Sunday, amid reports of a potential US-brokered normalization deal between Israel and Saudi Arabia that enables the latter to develop a nuclear program.

“The problem with this normalization agreement with Saudi Arabia is that it will allow uranium enrichment on Saudi soil, and Israel cannot agree to that under any circumstances,” he said.

“The US administration knows this matter; because it will lead to a nuclear arms race in [West Asia] … it is a threat to lives and must not be approved.”

On Wednesday, the Wall Street Journal reported an agreement on the general outline of an Israeli-Saudi normalization pact.

Under the deal, Riyadh would secure American backing for a civilian nuclear program, as well as access to advanced weapons. In exchange, the kingdom would take major steps to distance itself from China and Israel would allow an independent Palestinian state.

On Thursday, Lapid told US Democratic Party lawmakers visiting the occupied territories that he opposes any agreement that allows Riyadh to enrich uranium.

“The deal at the moment endangers Israel’s security and the region. It is forbidden to give Saudi Arabia any level of uranium enrichment,” he said.

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