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Israel poses greatest threat to West Asia’s security: Syrian defense chief

Moscow, (The Palestine Information Centre)Syrian Defense Minister Lieutenant General Ali Mahmoud Abbas has described Israel as the “greatest threat” to the security and stability of West Asia, stressing that the regime aids the US in its aggressive policies.

Abbas made the remarks in an address to the 11th Moscow Conference on International Security held in the town of Kubinka outside the Russian capital on Tuesday.

“The occupying Zionist regime, with its aggressive practices and expansionist policies in support of terrorism constitutes the greatest threat to the security and stability of the West Asia region.

“The international community is duty-bound to put an end to such practices. It must stop turning a blind eye to the massacres being perpetrated by Israeli authorities across the occupied Palestinian territories, the regime’s insistence on the policy of land expropriation, expansion of illegal settlements, recurrent desecrations of sanctities, and violations of Palestinians’ freedoms and rights,” the Syrian defense minister stated.

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