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Israeli army rearrests young man whose entire family was killed or detained

Ramallah – The Israeli army on Saturday rearrested Muhammad Barghouthi (20 years old), the son of slain Omar Barghouthi. Muhammad’s brother Saleh was killed by the Israeli army, while his brother Assem has been detained since 2020 and sentenced to four life sentences.

Muhammad’s mother said a large number of Israeli soldiers broke into the family’s house and arrested her son, taking him to an unknown place.

“An officer said to me: you have brought up saboteurs. I said: yes, and I’m glad of it. He said: I was created to screw up your lives. I said: keep dreaming, you’ll never screw up our lives. Each one of us knows what he’s doing. You’ll never screw up our lives and you can’t hurt a fly”, Muhammad’s mother said.

“He said: When I’m done with your sons I’ll start doing this to your grandsons. I said: keep dreaming. So, you’re proud of the big army that you’ve brought with you?! A spoon has defeated you!”.

Local sources said violent confrontations erupted in Birzeit and Kobar during the Israeli raid to arrest Muhammad.

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