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Israeli forces demolish 30 Palestinian-owned structures north of occupied Jerusalem

Occupied Jerusalem – Israeli occupation forces on Wednesday night demolished about 30 Palestinian-owned structures near Qalandia checkpoint, north of the occupied city of Jerusalem.

Local sources said that Israeli occupation forces last night started demolishing about 30 Palestinian-owned structures near Qalandia checkpoint, after raiding and closing the area.

Among the 30 demolished structures are a grocery store, gas station, and car wash.

It should be noted that such demolition activities are a part of an Israeli plan to expand the Qalandia checkpoint in order to open an underpass connecting two Israeli roads (road 60 and road 443) with another Israeli underpass.

There are currently dozens of new road construction projects underway or in planning in the West Bank.

This construction work, which is part of the vision described in an new Israeli master plan for road and transportation development in the West Bank for the year 2045, points to continued and intensified de facto annexation.

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