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Israeli police impose travel ban on female activist Khadija Khwais

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (The Palestine Information Centre)The Israeli police imposed a travel ban on the Jerusalemite female activist and teacher Khadija Khwais for a whole month.

Khwais was summoned for interrogation at Al-Maskoubiya police station, west of Occupied Jerusalem, where she was handed over a one-month travel ban order.

Khwais was detained more than 30 times and denied access to the Aqsa Mosque more than once. She also received a travel ban from 2015 to 2018, and for six months in 2020.

Meanwhile, Israeli authorities released the Jerusalemite prisoner, Ahmed Najeeb, after he spent 6 months in Israeli jails and placed the Jerusalemite prisoner, Adnan Darwish, in administrative detention until next November.


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