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Israeli settler violence responsible for disappearance of Palestinian communities, says NGO

Palestine, (The Palestine Information Centre)Extremist Israeli settlers have been violently taking over Palestinian lands and forcing hundreds of Palestinians to leave their homes, leading to the disappearance of some Palestinian communities off the map, an independent humanitarian organization says.

The Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) said in a report on Thursday that around 500 Palestinians from seven communities have been forcibly displaced over the past 20 months.

“Entire Palestinian communities are being wiped off the map, a shameful legacy of unrelenting violence, intimidation, and harassment perpetrated by Israeli settlers and, in some cases, encouraged by Israeli authorities,” Ana Povrzenic, NRC’s country director for Palestine, said.

She added, “The rapid establishment of settlement outposts and takeover of Palestinian land is choking Palestinian communities, destroying their livelihoods, and putting Palestinian lives at risk. Palestinians have no choice but to flee, leaving behind their homes, schools, and jobs.”

It warned that more and more Palestinian communities will be forcibly displaced if Israel is not held accountable.

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