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Israeli special forces assassinate resistance fighter in Jenin

JENIN  (Palestine Foundation Information Center) Special forces of the Israeli occupation army assassinated on Wednesday the resistance fighter Nidal Ziyad Al-Amer, from Jenin refugee camp, in the industrial zone of the city of Jenin in the northern West Bank.

Eyewitnesses reported that Israeli forces opened fire at a young man inside a vehicle in the industrial area of the city of Jenin.

Israeli troops got out of a civilian car and a military vehicle, encircled the Palestinian car opened fire at its driver, and dragged him out of it before they withdrew.

Local sources confirmed the martyrdom of Al-Amer, and the sirens were heard in the city and its camp after Israeli special forces carried out the assassination.

Witnesses said that the special force withdrew and Palestinian young men rushed to save the resistance fighter and transferred him to Al-Razi Hospital in the city of Jenin, where he was proclaimed dead.

The martyr Nidal Al-Amer is the son of the martyr Ziyad Al-Amer, one of the resistance leaders in Jenin camp, and one of the heroes of the 2002 Jenin camp battle. He is also the cousin of the two martyrs, Ayham and Aysar Al-Amer, who were martyred earlier in the camp.

This brings the number of martyrs in the West Bank who have been killed by the Israeli occupation forces since October 7 last year to 561 martyrs including 136 children, in addition to about 5,300 wounded.

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