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“Israel’s” Chaos: Air Force Chief Meets Protesting Pilots amid Fears of Further Harm to Readiness

More than 10,000 reservists who frequently show up for duty on a voluntary basis said they would no longer do so. The reservists, many of whom acted on their threats, have warned they will not be able to serve.

The Friday meeting took place at the military’s headquarters in Tel Aviv.
It was the latest attempt by senior “Israeli” military officers to convince protesting reservist pilots to show up for duty despite the government advancing “the judicial overhaul”.
The “Israeli” army has said some damage has been caused to its “competence” by the protesting reservists, many of whom are in the “Israeli” Air Forces and other key positions.
Organizers of a letter of nearly 1,200 IAF reservists who announced their intention to end their volunteer service said last month that some 60 percent had notified their commanders that they would no longer show up for duty, after the first overhaul bill was passed.
“Israeli” army fears further damage could be caused to its battle readiness should more protesting reservists act on their threats.
It’s worth noting that the “Israeli” army relies heavily on volunteering reservists, especially pilots, for its routine activities.

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