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Jewish settlers attack Palestinian properties in Ramallah, Nablus

RAMALLAH, (The Palestine Information Centre)A group of Jewish settlers attacked Palestinian vehicles in Turmusaya village, northeast of Ramallah, at dawn Saturday.

At least one car was damaged during the attack.

The Turmusaya attack followed a night full of similar attacks in Nablus, where a group of settlers attacked Palestinian agricultural lands in the Rojib Mountains, east of the city.

Local farmers reported that settlers from the Itamar illegal settlement uprooted the fence surrounding their lands and stole the water supply lines.

Settler violence is constantly increasing, especially under the current Israeli extreme-right-wing government.

670,000 settlers currently live in more than 130 illegal settlements and more than 100 outposts in the occupied West Bank, including Occupied Jerusalem

The UN Security Council and United Nations General Assembly resolutions confirm that the Israeli settlements built on the occupied Palestinian lands are “illegal, unethical, and amount to a war crime.”

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