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Maarouf: Al-Ahli massacre is one of the most appalling war crimes

GAZA, (The Palestine Information Centre)The government media office said on Wednesday that the massacre that was committed by the Israeli occupation army last night at the Al-Ahli Hospital in Gaza City is one of the 21st century’s most appalling war crimes.

“The occupation army’s confession to the Western media that its targeting of all the areas in the Gaza Strip is politically and militarily sanctioned confirms further that it deliberately kills civilians, children, and medical and media crews and that it has intents to commit genocide against our people that exceeds the horrors of the Nazi crimes,” head of the media office Salama Maarouf said in press remarks.

“This crime proves to the world that the occupation state will not stop killing and destroying and that it has an appetite for more massacres, without any fear of punishment, accountability or blame, especially after the world was not even able to impose a humanitarian corridor to provide Gaza with its basic needs of medicines, food and fuel,” Maarouf added.

In a related context, Dr. Ghassan Abu-Sitta, a noted British surgeon of Palestinian origin working for Doctors Without Borders in Gaza, said on Tuesday that he saw dismembered and mutilated bodies of children after the Israeli army bombed the Al-Ahli Baptist Hospital in Gaza City.

While being surrounded by bodies of victims at the Al-Ahli Hospital, Dr. Abu-Sitta told a news conference that there were dead people and children scattered everywhere in the hospital yard.

Dr. Abu-Sitta said that many families took shelter in the hospital believing that it was a safe haven, but every one of them were either killed or injured, describing what happened as a “war crime.”

He said that the Israeli army threatened to bomb hospitals in Gaza and it carried out its threat, stressing that “the hands of any politician who voiced support for Israel in its war on Gaza are stained with the victims’ blood.”

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