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Marouf: Balfour Declaration anniversary and the Holocaust in Gaza

GAZA,(Palestine Foundation Information Center)Head of the Government Media Office in Gaza, Salama Marouf, has said that the coincidence between the ill-famed Balfour Declaration anniversary and the Holocaust being carried out by the Israeli occupation in Gaza for 27 consecutive days proves that the same international conspiracy has been persisting since the day one of denying the Palestinian people their right to their own land.

The powers that created the first Nakba resulting in the establishment of Israel in 1948 have still been protecting, until today, the Nazi occupation from prosecution and backing it up with weapons and ammunition to carry on with its heinous crimes against women and children, Marouf said in a press statement on Thursday.

Marouf held the international community, especially the countries that support killers of children and women, responsible for the Holocaust of the twenty-first century and its crimes of genocide, ethnic cleansing, and collective punishment against the trapped civilians in the Gaza Strip.


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