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Marouf: Israel destroyed 25% of Gaza farmland

GAZA,(Palestine Foundation Information Center)The head of the Government Media Office, Salama Marouf, has announced that the Israeli aggression on Gaza had destroyed 45,000 dunums of the agricultural land in the Gaza Strip, which is equivalent to roughly 25 percent of its farmland.

In a press conference on Thursday evening, Marouf said that the losses in the agricultural sector that resulted from the Israeli ongoing aggression are estimated at 170 million USD. Flocks of poultry, farmed fish and olive trees have also been damaged in addition to causing a halt to the olive oil season and export traffic. Other indirect losses are being monitored and will be announced later.

He affirmed that Israeli crimes and carnages did not stop, the latest of which was targeting hospitals where the psychiatric hospital, Al-Nasr Hospital for Children, and Al-Rantisi Specialized Hospital for Children have lately been knocked out of service, affecting dozens of thousands of children.

More than 18 hospitals and 46 health centers are now out of service, affecting 3,000 children who will be deprived of health services, Marouf highlighted.

The Israeli aggression has also badly affected 50,000 pregnant women, and 100,000 patients with chronic diseases amid the rise of malnutrition rates as a result of the policy of starvation followed by Israel against the trapped Palestinians in the blockaded Gaza Strip.

Marouf called on the Arab Summit to take immediate and decisive measures to halt the Israeli aggression once and forever and to permanently open Rafah border crossing with Egypt to allow the entry of humanitarian aid trucks awaiting at the border.

Regarding the truces being talked about lately, Marouf said that Israel has been unserious in this matter, stressing that forcing people to move from northern Gaza to the south violates the international law and aims at displacing Palestinians from Gaza Strip to Sinai Desert.


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