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Martyrdom of Dr. Refaat Al-Areer, the PIC social media founder and manager

Gaza(Palestine Foundation Information Center)The Palestinian Information Center (PIC) mourns with grief and pride Dr. Refaat Al-Areer (Abu Omar) one of the pillars of the PIC English language site and the founder and manager of its social media department.

Abu Omar was killed along with his brother, sister, and her four children in an Israeli shelling that targeted her house in Gaza City in yet another proof of the barbarity of the Israeli genocidal campaign on the Gaza Strip that has been ongoing for more than two months.

Dr. Refaat was an English language professor at the Islamic University that was destroyed in the Israeli barbaric aggression and whose rector was also killed by Israeli shelling along with his family.

The martyr was distinguished for advocating the Palestine cause at various western and international media platforms.

He wrote a book about Gaza titled “Gaza Writes Back” in English language and had numerous notable interviews with western media outlets.

While mourning our academic and media expert colleague Abu Omar, we strongly condemn the escalating Israel’s targeting of reporters and journalists in a bid to cover up its army’s crimes that violated and violates all human rights laws and doctrines.

We further call on the international human rights institutions worldwide to adopt whatever is necessary to protect journalists and enable them to do their job without hindrances or harassment. We also call on world organizations concerned with protecting journalists to condemn the Israeli premeditated targeting of journalists and deliberate targeting of Palestinian civilians. We also call for bringing all those responsible for such crimes to justice.

75 Palestinian journalists have so far been killed and 80 others were injured while two are still missing due to the Israeli aggression on Gaza Strip that started on October 7.

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