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Massive pro-Palestine protests in US, Europe

WASHINGTON,(Palestine Foundation Information Center)The US capital city of Washington and several European cities witnessed on Saturday afternoon massive and angry demonstrations in protest at the Israeli ongoing aggression on Gaza, which has so far led to the killing of more than 9,770 martyrs and 22, 000 wounded in addition to displacing most of north Gaza residents and the destruction of houses, hospitals, and schools.

The massive rallies denounced Israel for committing war crimes and genocide in Gaza and called for immediately halting its aggression. The protesters also condemned the US and European official stands in support of Israel.

In Washington DC, thousands of protesters gathered at Freedom Plaza in downtown in solidarity with Palestine and to call for a ceasefire in Gaza, in what was described as the largest pro-Palestinian protest in US history.

The demonstrations came one day after a law had been passed in the US House of Representatives stipulating for the transfer of more weapons and aid to Israel.

In Berlin, thousands of protesters took to the streets in support and solidarity with Palestinians in Gaza. Many families participated in the rallies along with their children. They raised banners reading: “Save Gaza,” “Stop the genocide,” and “ceasefire”.

Many demonstrators gathered in Alexanderplatz Square in central Berlin, wearing the Palestinian keffiyeh and shaded by Palestinian flags while chanting “Free Palestine”.

Security forces said the number might have reached 10,000 and thus deployed about 1,400 policemen to keep pace with the movement.

The police imposed strict security measures, stressing that any “denying of Israel’s right to exist or expressing anti-Semitic positions that incite hatred and praise violence and terrorism” warrants criminal prosecution.

In the Austrian capital, Vienna, the Italian city of Milan, and in front of the US Embassy in Belfast, Ireland, demonstrators took to the streets demanding a ceasefire. They affirmed their support for the Palestinians and denounced the ongoing Israeli massacres in the Gaza Strip.

Participants in the demonstration raised Palestinian flags and chanted slogans in support of the Palestinian resistance against the Israeli occupation.

In Spain, campaigners broadcasted video clips documenting sweeping protests in Valencia in support of the Palestinian cause and in condemnation of the Israeli carnages taking place in Gaza.

Pro-Palestine massive demonstrations were also seen in Paris, and London where hundreds of protesters staged a sit-in at Oxford Circus and Piccadilly Circus on Saturday, demanding Israel to halt its continuous bombing and siege of the Gaza Strip.

The protest brought the capital’s busiest shopping district to a standstill for over an hour. Skirmishes erupted between some of the protesters and the police at Piccadilly Circus and ended up with a number of demonstrators arrested.

In Scotland, a massive demonstration took place in the streets and inside Glasgow Central train station, to demand a ceasefire in Gaza.

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