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Global March to Jerusalem

Members of Marmara Freedom #Flotilla Join GMJ Caravan


The members of the Gaza-bound relief aid convoy, named Freedom Flotilla, which was attacked by the Israeli forces in international waters of the Mediterranean Sea in May 2010, joined the civil resistance movement for the freedom of the Holy Quds, dubbed as Global March to Jerusalem (GMJ).

GMJ-Asian caravan reached Tusucu port in Southern Turkey March 27 early in the morning and will sail off towards Lebanon.
The port is the last destination for caravan in Turkey after passing through Egdir, Eruzum, Ankara, Istanbul and Konya. Alongside the support of Turkish NGOs some Turk participants joined the caravan from Istanbul among which participants in the Mavi Marmarra freedom flotilla also exist.
GMJ Asian caravan is formed of activists from Indonesia, Philippine, Malaysia, India, Pakistan, Iran, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Afghanistan and Turkey.
The Global March to Jerusalem will take place on Friday 30th March 2012 where hundreds of committees and campaigns all over the six continents will participate in order to highlight the suffering the people of Jerusalem are going through as a result of the occupation’s Zionist and racist practices.
The slogan of the March will be “Peoples of the world demand the freedom for Jerusalem… People of the world demand to end the occupation of Palestine”.

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