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Millions of Muslims stage protests worldwide to decry Israeli atrocities against Palestinians

Muslim World, (The Palestine Information Centre)Millions of Muslims across the world held protests to condemn the Israeli regime’s atrocities against the people of Palestine as the Tel Aviv regime is pounding the Gaza Strip with thousands of bombs and imposing a complete siege on the area.

Protests have been held in several states including Iran, Yemen, Iraq, Lebanon, and Jordan on Friday with more expected to unfold later in the day. They come as the Hamas resistance movement had called on people to stage rallies on Friday in support of Palestine.

In Iran, tens of thousands of people participated in the nationwide rallies, chanting slogans in support of Palestinians and in condemnation of the United States and the apartheid Tel Aviv regime.

The demonstrators also were carrying pro-Palestine banners. Some Iranian political figures also participated in the protests.

“The intricate, hybrid and heroic Operation al-Aqsa Storm dealt a fatal blow to the temporary and collapsing Zionist regime, which will be recorded in history,” Iran’s Islamic Propagation Organization said in a statement on Friday, noting that the operation marks an irreparable intelligence and military failure for the usurping Israeli regime and an epic victory of the resistance front.

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