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Mishaal: There is no future for Israel or its settlement project

DOHA, (The Palestine Information Centre)Head of Hamas’s foreign political bureau Khaled Mishaal has said that “there is no future for Israel or its settlement project,” describing the Palestinian people’s struggle for freedom and liberation from the occupation as a “great aspiration.”

In an interview conducted with him by Al-Arabi TV on Monday evening, Mishaal downplayed Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu’s threat to eliminate Hamas, pointing out that this was not the first time he made such threats.

“Refer to the old archives in previous wars; the goals were always ‘destroying Hamas,’” Mishaal added.

“The resistance studied all the scenarios, including an expected military incursion,” Mishaal said, describing Israel as a “house of cards”.

“Following the resounding defeat of the Zionist entity on October 7 and the collapse of Gaza Division, the enemy suffered a tremendous shock, so it searched for an image of victory through taking revenge on civilians and the popular incubator of the resistance,” the Hamas leader said.

“Israel has thought itself a genuine part of the region, but it is a transitory entity and a settlement project, and like all settlement projects, it will be dismantled,” he underlined.

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