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Mishaal: We have enough Israeli soldiers to negotiate swap deal

DOHA,(The Palestine Information Centre)Head of Hamas’s foreign political bureau Khaled Mishaal said on Thursday that the group has a number of Israeli soldiers, held as captives, which is enough to negotiate the release of all the Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails.

Mishaal made the comments in an interview with Arabic news channel Al Arabiya TV.

Mishaal said the Aqsa Flood battle against Israel was a calculated move and that the resistance was fully aware of its consequences.

“We are well aware of the consequences of our operation on October 7,” he said.

Mishaal said: “Israel will kill us, whether we resist or not.”

He had further pointed out that the Israeli captives include high-ranking officers from the Gaza Division.

However, he stated that the details of the numbers of prisoners are only known by the Al-Qassam Brigades, emphasizing, “We have enough Israeli soldiers as prisoners to negotiate for our detainees.”

“We have informed some countries of our readiness to hand over civilian prisoners,” he stated.

He further noted, “We are only concerned with Israeli military prisoners, and we will exchange the (captured) Israeli prisoners for all of our detainees held by Israel.”

Moreover, Mishaal stressed that “Hamas and the Palestinian factions do not target civilians, but Israel indiscriminately targets civilians.”

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