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Naim: Our people will not condone any non-Palestinian presence in Gaza

DOHA  (Palestine Foundation Information Center)   Member of Hamas’s political bureau Basem Naim has affirmed that the Palestinian people will not tolerate any non-Palestinian military or security presence in the Gaza Strip.

Naim made his remarks in a recent interview conducted by Al Jazeera Net on the sidelines of the three-day Global Anti-Apartheid Conference on Palestine, which kicked off last Friday in Johannesburg.

Naim highlighted the importance of the anti-apartheid conference to the Palestinian cause, especially after the October 7 events, and applauded South Africa’s long experience in fighting apartheid.

The Hamas official said that the conference’s sessions and workshops aim to form an organized and structured international anti-apartheid institution as a prelude to inaugurating it within months or one year.

He categorically denied media claims about the transfer of Hamas’s offices from Qatar, expressing his appreciation for the ongoing support provided by the Qatari leadership for the Palestinian people.

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