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Nakba Day: We Shall Return to Palestine

By: Dr.Sabir Abu Maryam
Secretary General Palestine Foundation Pakistan

The Palestinian issue is one of the most important issues on the world political scene since its inception. The issue of Palestine is a fundamental and first problem in the Islamic world. Similarly, in the modern world, the issue of Palestine has become the center of attention of people around the world, tearing the borders of Islam and Palestine. Today, this issue is called the issue of humanity.

European and other western countries whose governments in the past helped the Zionists for the usurpation of Zionist domination over Palestine, today the people living in the same areas under the same governments are not happy with the actions of their governments.

Rather, people are with Palestine after seeing the conditions and events of Palestine. Therefore, it can be said that the issue of Palestine is a universal and humanity cause.

Nakba Day, this is the day on which the usurper Zionists in the year 1948, after establishing their illegal rule over Palestine, inflicted immense humanitarian atrocities against the local people of Palestine.

On this day, all the past stories of brutality and barbarism are destroyed by the Zionist terrorist organizations. The Zionist agency and Hagana stomped on the narratives of its atrocities.

Millions of local Palestinians were forcibly expelled from their homeland of Palestine and pushed to the borders of neighboring countries – Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Egypt.

Even today, despite being cautious about software like Google, Google is forced to write the number of 800,000 Palestinians who were driven out of Palestine by the usurping Zionist terrorists through cruelty and brutality. Hundreds and thousands, of innocent children were killed in a gruesome manner, including mixing materials in the drinking water, and rape of women.

The Palestinian people remember the day of May 15, 1948 as the Nakba.

Nakba means a great and terrible destruction. A day of catastrophe.

Of course, what could be a more terrible and worst disaster for the Palestinians than that a nation was expelled from its own home. An illegitimate state was formed inside their homeland. The Zionists seized their illegal occupation of gardens and everything related to life, including threshing floors. Day by day, the owners of the homeland were turned into immigrants. This pain can only be understood and felt by those who have been robbed of their homeland and home. All this happened to the oppressed nation of Palestine.

Even today, after 75 years, the Palestinians have not given up the hope of returning to their homes and homeland. Although they are forced to live as refugees in different countries of the world including Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Egypt, even today Lebanon and Syria If you go to the Palestinian refugee camps, the Palestinian mothers have the keys to their homes. They are keeping these keys safe with the hope that the day will soon come when all these Palestinians with their third generation will return to their homeland Palestine.

Even today, in the slogan that our Palestinian brothers are raising in front of the world to return to their homeland, it is being said that “We Shall Return”.

It is the fundamental right of the Palestinians to return to their homeland. This right cannot be ignored by any organization in the world, including the United Nations. It will be a clean chit for other nations of the world to invade wherever they want and throw out the local population after establishing their desired state. Therefore, the first step is to usurper Israel, on the basis of which the illegal Zionist state is established. This is not acceptable and the main reason for this is that the Palestinian people are not giving up their right to return to Palestine.

The Palestinian people are active in the movement of the right of return. It is necessary that the voice of the Palestinians that “we shall return” should include the voice of the nations around the world.

Due to the rapid changes in the world political scenario, there is an enormous effort to somehow make the Palestine issue look like a cold house or to keep silent on this issue in the world. The governments of America, Britain and Europe are at the top of the guardian governments of the usurper Israel and they want the Palestinian issue to be forgotten.

Western Governments wish that there is no question of the right of return of the Palestinians. But the Palestinians have decided on the principle that we shall return. Today, the Palestinian people in all parts of Palestine are trying to get the right to return home and return to their homeland with a strong movement of “We shall return”. This is actually a fair solution to the problem of Palestine. In fact, the usurper Israel is the key to the death and destruction of the Zionist state. If the natives of Palestine come to Palestine, then the illegal status of the imported Zionists will be further removed, and certainly the Zionists will return to their homelands. That they have to go back from where they migrated and came to occupy Palestine.

Pakistan has always been with the Palestinian cause. Pakistan has a historical relationship with the Palestinian cause as well as an Islamic and humanitarian relationship. Pakistan has always supported the rights of the Palestinians. The people of Pakistan are also in favor of the Palestinians.

The conclusion is that another day of Nakba has come. The Palestinians are not disappointed. The struggle of the Palestinians is moving towards development on a daily basis. This development includes the pure blood and sacrifices of the martyrs. Including the feelings and sincerity of people around the world. Their love for the Palestinian cause is included. Although the world governments have some other priorities, the people of the world consider the Palestinian cause as their first priority and stand in support of the Palestinians.

The illegitimate Zionist state of Israel is celebrating Nakba Day on May 15 as Independence Day. What is the meaning of this? Totally illogical ? Now the question is, from whom has Israel been freed? This question is providing a strong ground that the existence of Israel is illegitimate and usurping.

Hopefully, the movement for the right of return of the Palestinians will continue to move forward in the same way and soon the forced exiles around the world will return to their homeland. The changing conditions of Palestine and the region are also pointing in the same direction that the dream and slogan of the Palestinians that “we shall return” will soon come true. Of course, this is a divine promise that Palestine will remain free and Israel will be destroyed.

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