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Nakhala warns of consequences if political arrests persist

BEIRUT, (The Palestine Information Centre)Islamic Jihad general secretary Ziyad al-Nakhaleh has warned of serious repercussions if the Palestinian Authority (PA) security apparatuses persisted in their political arrest campaign against his Movement’s cadres in the occupied West Bank.

In a statement on Tuesday, Nakhaleh said that the detention of Islamic Jihad members and officials by PA security forces in the West Bank would lead to the upcoming meeting to be held in Cairo for the general secretaries of the factions to fail.

The PA security services have escalated recently their arrest and prosecution campaign against resistance fighters, national figures, and students from Islamic Jihad and Hamas.

Islamic Jihad and other Palestinian factions recently announced that they received invitations to participate in a meeting to be held at the level of their general secretaries on July 30 in Cairo.


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