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Negev prisoners start hunger strike after violent raids on cells

RAMALLAH, (The Palestine Information Centre)The Palestinian prisoners in Negev jail announced the launch of an open-ended mass hunger strike in response to the violent raids on their cells on Thursday morning.

According to Asra Media Office, Israeli prison forces stormed and ransacked cells in Negev jail, especially in section 3 and 4, and maltreated prisoners.

Special forces from different units also transferred a number of prisoners from section 4 to another place.

In other jails, the prisoners responded to the Israeli suppressive raids in Negev jail by closing the sections of their prisons and refusing to go through the routine security checks.

Recently, the Israeli prison service (IPS) started to carry out violent raids on cells in Negev jail at the behest of Israeli far-right security minister Itamar Ben Gvir.

In this regard, the Palestinian Commission of Detainees’ and Ex-Detainees’ Affairs and the Palestinian Prisoner Society held IPS fully responsible for the safety of the prisoners in Negev jail.

The Hamas Movement, for its part, said that the brutal Israeli aggression against the Negev prisoners is a “crime that will not be tolerated.”

In press remarks, senior Hamas official Zaher Jabarin said that today’s aggression against the Negev prisoners happened in harmony with Ben Gvir’s recent visit to Ofer jail.

Jabarin added that what happened in Negev jail reflected the malicious intents of Ben Gvir towards the prisoners on the ground.

He warned the Israeli occupation state of persisting in its aggression against the prisoners, stressing that the battle against such oppression would go beyond the walls of Israeli jails

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