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Night protests in Ramallah and Nablus in support of Gaza

WEST BANK,(Palestine Foundation Information Center)Mass marches were organized on Thursday evening in Ramallah and Nablus, in the West Bank, in support of Palestinian resistance and in rejection of the Israeli bloody raids in the West Bank.

In Ramallah, hundreds of people took to the streets, waving Palestinian flags and chanting pro-resistance slogans.

The participants also demanded urgent action to stop the Israeli aggression against Gaza and the West Bank.

A similar rally was also held in Nablus, in the northern West Bank, in protest against Israeli ongoing massacres in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.

Since the start of the Al-Aqsa Flood on Oct. 7, daily marches have been organized throughout the West Bank in support of Palestinian resistance and in protest against Israeli ongoing aggression.

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