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OIC calls for lifting Gaza siege, condemns forced evacuation

JADDAH,(The Palestine Information Centre)The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) has strongly condemned Israel’s call for the forced evacuation of residents in the northern Gaza Strip and its ongoing attacks.

In a statement, the OIC voiced “its absolute rejection and condemnation of Israel, the occupying power’s calls for the forced displacement of the Palestinian people, and attempts to transfer the humanitarian crisis exacerbated by the Israeli occupation to neighboring countries.”

The group also “strongly condemned the blockade of medical supplies, relief supplies, and necessities to the Gaza Strip as collective punishment, which is a flagrant violation of international humanitarian law.”

It reiterated its appeal to the international community to take urgent action to stop Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people, which could result in a dire humanitarian crisis.

It also stressed the “necessity of establishing humanitarian corridors to provide essential aid to the Gaza Strip.”

Commenting on the statement, the Hamas Movement welcomed the final statement of the OIC in its extraordinary open-ended meeting held at the level of foreign ministers.

The Movement also expressed hope that these calls and positions would be translated into practical steps.

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