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One killed, three injured in Israeli attack on a vehicle in southern Lebanon

BEIRUT (Palestine Foundation Information Center) Lebanese sources reported that one man was martyred and three others were injured in an Israeli bombing that targeted a vehicle in Al-Nabatieh near Hassan Kamel al-Sabah statue in southern Lebanon.

However, Lebanese Hezbollah sources said that no one had been killed in the bombing.

According to Lebanese sources, drones pursued the targeted vehicle from Bayad neighborhood in Al-Nabatieh but failed to hit it the first time as the missile fell in open ground next to the vehicle.

The drones chased the vehicle again and hit it near Al-Sabah Statue area, while it was standstill on the road due to traffic congestion. The passengers jumped out of the car at the moment of the bombing, resulting in several injuries. The wounded were taken to hospitals.

In turn, the Islamic Resistance in Lebanon announced that it has been responding to the Israeli airstrikes on Lebanese towns and civilians, the most recent of which was the attack on the town of Al-Nabatieh, targeting the Meron Air Base with “Falaq” missiles and hitting it directly.

On Wednesday, a Lebanese citizen was martyred in an Israeli attack on a house in the town of Khiam as Israeli warplanes and drones launched airstrikes on the towns of Marwahin, Khiam, Bani Hayyan, Ramiya, and Beit Leef, resulting in a number of casualties, according to local sources.

Israeli occupation warplanes also launched mock raids over the villages and towns of Sour and Nabatieh, dropping thermal balloons in the skies of southern Lebanon.

An Israeli drone attacked a water pumping station in the town of Wazzani, causing damage to the site, on Wednesday night.

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