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Pakistan’s legal community supports South Africa’s case against Israel for genocide against Palestinians.

LAHORE  (Palestine Foundation Information Center)  The lawyers’ community of Lahore has announced its support for South Africa’s case against the usurping Zionist state of Israel for the crime of genocide of Palestinians in the International Court of Justice.

The lawyers’ fraternity made this announcement while addressing a press conference at the Lahore Press Club along with the Secretary General of Palestine Foundation Pakistan Dr. Sabir Abu Maryam.

The lawyers included Syed Asad Hussain Naqvi Advocate, Falak Naz Gul Advocate, Syed Saim Advocate, and Irshad Jandran.

The speakers said that innocent people have been massacred in Gaza for one hundred and eight days.

According to the International Genocide Convention, the oppressive Zionist regime of Israel is committing genocide against the Palestinians.

More than Twenty-five thousand Palestinians have been killed. There are seventeen thousand innocent children and women. Seventy thousand are seriously injured.

Hospitals have been bombed and destroyed. Food supply routes have been blocked. Delivery of human necessities has been banned. Local institutions, including the United Nations, are being prevented from aid activities. UN workers have also been killed. Journalists are being killed. Houses have been bombed and demolished. Israel is also bombing members of aid teams providing first aid to the wounded. Israel is systematically committing genocide against Palestinians.

The speakers said that South Africa’s case against Israel in the International Court of Justice for the genocide of the Palestinian people is the best move. We are lawyers of Pakistan with South Africa. We strongly support South Africa’s case against Israel for atrocities and crimes of genocide.

The speakers also thanked the Mexican governments including Indonesia and Chile and said that the governments of the world have woken up and the crimes of the occupying Zionists are being uncovered.

Pakistani lawyers strongly support the actions of Mexico, including South Africa and Chile, in support of the Palestinian people.

The lawyers’ community thanked the government of Pakistan for its stand and support of the case at the International Court of Justice in South Africa and demanded that more effective and practical steps be taken to stop the genocide of Palestinians and stop the Israeli aggression.

The lawyers’ community announced to render their services for any action taken by the Government of Pakistan in the International Court of Justice.

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