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Palestine Centre for Information inaugurated by Mayor Karachi

KARACHI,(Palestine Foundation Information Center)Palestine Foundation Pakistan (PLF) has set up a five-day Center for Palestine Camp at the main bus stop of Numaish in Karachi.

Secretary General of Palestine Foundation Pakistan, Dr. Sabir Abu Maryam, while talking to the media, said that the purpose of the Palestine Information Center camp is to inform the citizens of the latest news related to the Palestine issue including the Gaza war and raise a voice of protest against the recent American and Israeli aggression on Gaza.

He said that the five-day Palestine Information Center camp will continue with various activities related to Mahfil Mushairah, TV talk shows, theater, and entertainment. He appealed to the public to ensure maximum participation at the Central Palestine Camp.

The opening ceremony of the Palestine Information Center camp was held on Wednesday night in which the leaders of all the political and religious parties of Pakistan participated while the chief guest was the leader of Pakistan People’s Party and Mayor Karachi Barrister Murtaza Wahab Siddiqui.

In the opening ceremony Dr. Miraj Al-Hada of Jamaat-e-Islami, Muhammad Hussain Mehnati, Mahfouz Yar Khan of MQM Pakistan, Allama Baqir Zadi, Allama Mukhtar Imami, Ali Hussain Naqvi of MWM, Younis Boniri of ANP, Israr Abbasi of PTI. Allama Aqeel Anjum Qadri of JUP, Pir Azhar Ali Hamdani of PML-N, Saqib Nowshahi of PAT, , renowned religious scholar Mufti Shehryar Dawood, Allama Sadiq Raza Taqvi, Pir Muaz Ali Nizami, Mufti Murtaza Rehmani from Jamiat Ahle Hadith. Pakistan Sikh Youth Council Chairman Magan Singh, social leaders Agha Shirazi, Abida Agha, Ibrahim ismael, Abbas Kashmiri and others attended and addressed the opening ceremony.

Political and religious leaders participated in the signature campaign and later distributed Palestinian flags to the public.

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