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Palestine Solidarity Seminar held at the Federal Urdu University Karachi

Karachi,(Palestine Foundation Information Center) A Palestine Solidarity Seminar was held at Federal Urdu University Karachi  Abdul Haq Campus on Tuesday.

The seminar was organized by the Department of Urdu FUU and students of the M.Phil at Abdul Haq Campus, Karachi.

The seminar was chaired by Dr. Yasmeen Sultana, HOD of the Department of Urdu, in which Secretary General of Palestine Foundation Pakistan Dr. Sabir Abu Maryam, well-known senior journalist and analyst Mazhar Abbas, famous poet Farast Rizvi, Anwar Sun Rai, Taban Zafar, and other participated as guests.

While Dr. Asghar Dashti, HOD of the Department of International Relations, performed as the moderator.

Dr. Yasmeen Sultana, President of the Urdu Department of Federal Urdu University said that the Palestine issue is the biggest issue of humanity and we should provide awareness to our youth about the Palestine issue. She thanked all the guests for attending the seminar.

Addressing the seminar, the Secretary General of Palestine Foundation Pakistan Dr. Sabir Abu Maryam said that today the Palestine issue has awakened people. Anyone who is against the Palestinian cause today must doubt their humanity and faith. He said that the Palestinian Islamic resistance, including Hamas, Hezbollah, and Islamic Jihad, has changed the balance of power in the region. He has further explained that the usurping Zionist regime has reached the brink of collapse and millions of Zionist settlers are migrating to Europe and their homeland.


On this occasion, he informed all the participants of the seminar about the achievements of the Palestinian resistance and the failures of Israeli military and economic losses of the oppressive Zionist government of Israel.

Speaking at the seminar, Mazhar Abbas, a renowned journalist and senior analyst, said that a human tragedy has arisen as a result of Israeli aggression in Gaza. All governments and institutions of the world should play their role in stopping the aggression against the people of Gaza. He said that the rulers of the Muslim Ummah were supposed to help Palestine, but it is a pity that they are building relations with Israel and have started talking about a two-state solution. He highlighted the deterioration of the balance of power in West Asia after the disintegration of the Soviet Union.

A well-known poet Farast Rizvi said that the Palestine issue is the most important issue of the Islamic Ummah. Islam is the identity of Palestine which no one can change. Palestine always belonged to the Palestinians and will always remain. The Zionist settlers are in fact usurpers and they should leave the land of Palestine themselves.

Renowned writer and poet Anwar Sun Roy said that writers and poets should keep the Palestine issue alive through literary services.

A large number of faculty and students were present in the seminar, who also asked questions to the speakers, on this occasion, Dr. Sahiba Iqbal also presented a poem in solidarity with the Palestinian people.

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