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Palestinian factions warn of forced displacement from Gaza

GAZA (Palestine Foundation Information Center)The Palestinian factions have warned against Israel’s forced displacement imposed on the residents of Gaza City, stressing that Israeli occupation forces (IOF) committed horrific massacres that exposed Netanyahu and his government’s real position towards the efforts of the mediators in Qatar and Egypt to reach a ceasefire agreement to put an end to the genocidal war.

In a statement on Tuesday, the Follow-up Committee of the National and Islamic Forces stressed the importance of realizing the danger of the escalation of the genocidal war, especially in the neighborhoods of Gaza City such as Al-Shujaiyya, Al-Tufah, Al-Daraj, and the Old Town.

The statement stressed that the Israeli occupation government aims to evacuate these neighborhoods of all residents and relocate them in the south in preparation for forcibly expelling them outside the Gaza Strip in a campaign of ethnic cleansing that would be the largest in history.

For its part, Hamas Movement confirmed that the Israeli escalation of its crimes will not succeed in subjugating the Palestinian people, noting that the resistance will continue to confront the IOF until the aggression is terminated.

Many separate statements have been issued by the factions in rejection of the Israeli occupation crimes and its endeavors to displace the people of Gaza including the popular and democratic fronts for the liberation of Palestine, the Palestinian National Initiative and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, the General Command.

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