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Palestinian family forced to self-demolish own home in Negev desert, citing unlicensed construction

Rahat City, (The Palestine Information Centre)Israeli authorities displace a Palestinian family after forcing it to demolish their home in the Negev desert under the pretext of lacking a construction permit, amid ongoing land grab policies by the Tel Aviv regime.

The Palestinian Information Center, citing local sources, reported that Israeli troops raided the Rahat City, surrounding a house owned by Abu Ghanem on Wednesday.

The sources said that Israeli forces stormed the area where the house was located and gave the family 10 minutes to evacuate and start demolishing it.

Witnesses and local residents said the family of Abu Ghanem had to knock down its home, which had been built 17 years ago.

Abu Ghanem had no choice but to do so in order to avoid paying exorbitant fees to the municipality in the event that its crews carried out the demolition on their own.

Had he not demolished the house himself, the sources said, the Israeli municipality would have charged him to have the building pulled down.

The residents across the Negev region live in a constant state of fear due to the fact that Israeli troops may raid and raze their homes at any moment after they build them again.

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