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Palestinian Women in Gaza Call for Unity, Freedom of Prisoners (PHOTOS)

  • Palestinian women activists used the occasion of International Women’s Day to highlight the suffering of Palestinian detainees in Israeli prisons. 

    Scores of women joined the rally in support of the nearly 5,000 Palestinian prisoners, including women, unlawfully held in Israel, outside the Red Cross headquarters in Gaza City.

    Women speakers reiterated that Palestinians will remain steadfast on the path of freedom. A large poster held by the activists read in part:

    “Long live the 8th of March – International Women’s Day.”

    “Together until we end the occupation.”

    “Yes to an independent Palestinian state.”

    “Al-Quds (Jerusalem) is the eternal capital of the State of Palestine.”

    “Yes to the right of return and self-determination.”

    The activists emphasized the need to expand participation in popular resistance, highlighting the importance of national unity, and ending the political division.

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