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Time left for Israel’s destruction

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PLF urges immidiate action against Israel


The desecration Of #AlAqsa mosque by Zionist forces is condemnable. Israel posses threat to entire World: Palestine Foundation Pakistan (PLF)

Karachi: The leaders of Palestine foundation Pakistan including Former member of National Assembly Muzaffar Ahmed Hashmi, the central leader of Jamiat e Ulema e Pakistan Allama Qazi Ahmed Noorani Siddiqui, MWM Pakistan’s leader Moulana Baqar Zaidi, the interpreter of federal minister for religious affairs Azhar Hamdani, MQM’s leader Mahfooz Yar Khan advocate and the central secretary general of Palestine Foundation Pakistan Abu Mariam have severely condemned yesterday’s attack on Qibla e Awal and declared it as an attack on Allah’s principles.

Principal leaders of Palestine Foundation Pakistan said that there was a time when the whole Islamic world got united and stood up against the Jewish extremists’ attack on the first Qibla and Islamic Summit Conference was also established as a result but today, the whole Muslim Ummah is dead asleep and Jewish enemies of Islam and humanity have been killing Palestinians and insulting Allah’s laws and principles has become their habit. The leaders of Palestine Foundation Pakistan has appealed to leaders of religious and political parties to unite against the brutal attack on Masjid e Aqsa and will present an example and give a message for the whole Islamic world. They also demanded the government of Pakistan to call the All-Parties Conference for the defense of Masjid e Aqsa that is not only the first Qibla of Muslims but also the third most important and most sacred place of Islamic world. They also demanded that the international conference for the defense of Qibal e awal should also be called. They appealed to the Muslim world to protest in the whole world against the extremist actions and specifically against the insult of Masjid e Aqsa.

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