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Seminar:Political parties say Palestinians must be allowed to return to Palestine


The speakers at a seminar on “Palestinians’ right of return to Palestine” stressed on the need that Palestinians should be allowed to return Palestine.

Those who spoke at the seminar included: former federal minister and a Christian leader J Salik, Jamaat-e-Islami Azad Kashmir chapter chief Khalid Mahmoud Khan, secretary general of Awami National Party Ahsan Wayne, Colonel (Rtd.) Nazir of Jamaatuddawa, Abdullah Gul son of former general Hameed Gul and others.

Apart from others, the students in particular largely attended the seminar to express solidarity with the Palestinians.

plf_18_semira1“Palestine is not an issue that may be attributed to Muslims or Christians alone but it is a human issue that needs to be taken up globally,” said J Salik speaking at the seminar.

He said that it is duty of all the people to voice their support for the legitimate rights of Palestinians. He vowed that Christians would continue to make sacrifices for the sake of liberation of Palestinians and return to their homeland.

“We condemn the patronage of Zionist regime of Israel by the United States and its allied powers. We demand international community should play a serious role to help Palestinians all their inalienable rights including their right to return and live in Palestine,” said Ahsan Wayne of the ANP.

Khalid Mahmoud Khan, Jamaat-e-Islami Azad Kashmir chapter chief, Colonel (Rtd.) Nazir of Jamaatuddawa, Abdullah Gul son of former general Hameed Gul and other speakers said that the resolutions of the United Nations against Israel proved a futile exercise. Therefore, they urged that armed resistance is the best option left for the Palestinians.

They said that the Unites States-led global imperialism would not leave the region even after 2014. They said that the imperialist powers led by the U.S. have turned their attention to the Southeast Asia after they usurped the resources of Middle East.



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