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Pro-Gaza rallies sweep the world

GAZA(The Palestine Information Centre)Large rallies took place in several Arab, Islamic, and Western countries on Friday in protest against the ongoing Israeli bloody aggression on the Gaza Strip.

In Egypt, massive demonstrations and vigils were organized in several cities, most notably Cairo and Alexandria, denouncing the ongoing Israeli massacres.

Thousands of Jordanians also organized a demonstration in Amman and a vigil near the Israeli embassy in solidarity with the people of Gaza.

The Jordanian security authorities prevented thousands of young men who flocked to previously announced gathering points from moving towards the Jordan Valley region on the border with the occupied West Bank.

In Lebanon, thousands took to the streets in Beirut and several Lebanese cities, where participants raised Palestinian flags and chanted pro-Gaza slogans.

In Qatar, massive demonstrations were organized shortly after Friday prayers in support of the Gaza Strip.

Similar rallies were also held in Aleppo and Idlib in northwestern Syria.

Iraqis also continue to flock near the Trebil border crossing with Jordan to protest the continued aggression against the Gaza Strip.

Massive pro-Gaza rallies were also reported in Somalia, Morocco, Türkiye, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Iran.

Thousands also took to streets in Athens and Barcelona.

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