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Qasim Sulemani defends oppressed people of Palestine

Karachi(PNIC) Secretary General of Palestine Foundation Pakistan Pakistan (PLF) said that Qasim Sulemani martyrdom will never stop the mission of Islamic resistance in Palestine. Sulemani defends oppressed people of Palestine from the Zionists and US enemy.

During the speech in the all Parties conference of Jafaria Alliance Pakistan at Karachi Press Club, Sabir Abu Maryam, Secretary General of PLF categorically condemns the criminal and barbaric act of United States in connection to attack on Gen Qasim Sulemani and Abo Mahdi Mohandis. He said that Qasim Sulemani and Abo Mahdi both are the martyrs of Islam and Islamic Ummah. we as Pakistani nation will never abandon the sacrifices of both leaders.

Sabir Said that Gen Qasim Sulemani always supported oppressed Palestinians in Gaza and West Bank, he was the main character who empowered the Palestinian Resistnace against the occupation of illegal Zionist’s regime Israel.

US government and Trump is supporting terrorism across the globe and killing of Sulemani and Abu Mahdi is one of the strong proof against US government. Among the participants Opposiotion leader from PTI Firdous Shamim, Senator Taj Haider of PPP, MQM leader Khawja Izhar ul Hassan, Asadullah Bhutto of Jamat Islami, Allama Razi Jafar of JAP, Allama Qazi Ahmed Noorani of JUP, Molana Baqir Zaidi of MWM, Matloob Awan of APST, Major ® Qamar Abbas of MQM, Faisal Azizi of SIC and many other representative of political and religious parties and civil society workers.

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