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QB fighters infiltrate enemy lines, destroy Israeli army vehicles

GAZA, (The Palestine Information Centre)Al-Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of Hamas, announced on Saturday afternoon that a group of its fighters carried out a surprise attack on Israeli forces behind the enemy lines in the southeast of Gaza, and destroyed a number of Israeli army vehicles.

In a communiqué, al-Qassam Brigades explained that a group of its fighters was able to cross the border fence in the east of Khan Yunis and destroy three armored vehicles.

The Brigades added that there were ongoing clashes with the Israeli occupation forces in the area.

Earlier on Saturday, al-Qassam Brigades said that fired a volley of rockets at Ashkelon City in response to Israel’s displacement and targeting of civilians in Gaza.

The Brigades also launched rocket attacks on Tel Aviv and Sderot and bombed a gathering of Israeli forces in Gvar’am settlement.

The Israeli army said that a morning rocket attack on Sderot caused material damage and injured some people.

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