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Resheq calls for confronting Judaization plans in J’lem, Aqsa

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (The Palestine Information Centre) Member of Hamas’s political bureau Ezzat al-Resheq called for mass mobilization and intensifying the Palestinian presence to confront the growing Judaization plans in Occupied Jerusalem and Aqsa Mosque.

Resheq also stressed the need for a strong position against the Israeli ban on reconstruction and restoration work at the Aqsa Mosque.

“We need urgent and decisive positions to stop the settlers’ seizure of Palestinian homes in Occupied Jerusalem,” he said.

He pointed to a new settlement project in Occupied Jerusalem that would cut off its neighborhoods, in addition to the continued demolition policy.

He also noted that the Israeli authorities are planning to build a large settlement in Beit Safafa town, southeast of Occupied Jerusalem, in addition to thousands of settlement units in Gilo and Pisgat Ze’ev illegal settlements.

Resheq stressed that these settlement projects require a unified Palestinian position, supporting the resistance, and supporting Jerusalemite steadfastness.

He concluded by stressing the importance of having more Arab and Islamic stances in support of Jerusalem and Aqsa Mosque in light of the Judaization danger

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