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Rotterdam Court extends detention of Amin Abu Rashed

ROTTERDAM, (The Palestine Information Centre)The Rotterdam Court in the Netherlands extended the detention of the head of the Palestinians in Europe Conference, Amin Abu Rashed, on Tuesday evening.

The Rotterdam court judge decided to extend the detention of Abu Rashed until December 7, 2023, sources following up the court hearings said.

Meanwhile, dozens of Palestinian citizens and foreign activists rallied before the Rotterdam court in support of activist Abu Rashed while he stood trial at the court.

Protesters called for the release of Abu Rashed, stressing that his efforts helped Palestinian refugees in Syria, Lebanon, and the Gaza Strip to overcome the harsh financial circumstances over the past years.

For his part, the head of the Palestinian community in the Netherlands, Ayman Nijma, affirmed that Abu Rashed’s contributions included supporting orphans, the poor, the elderly, and the disabled in the Palestinian refugee camps.

The #FreeAmin campaign had called for organizing a rally to demand the immediate release of Abu Rashed.

Last June, the Dutch authorities detained Abu Rashed on false Israeli claims that he sent 5.5 million Euros to the Hamas Movement.

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