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Second small aid convoy enters Gaza

GAZA (Palestine Foundation Information Center)The Government Media Office said that a small aid convoy of 14 trucks was allowed into the embattled Gaza Strip through the Rafah border crossing on Sunday evening, carrying food supplies, water, and some medicines.

A convoy of 20 aid trucks already entered the Gaza Strip on Saturday morning from Egypt, carrying medicines and food supplies.

Head of the office Salama Maarouf warned that such amounts of aid are far less than the needs of the Gaza Strip, where over 500 truckloads of various needs used to enter every day before the war started.

Maarouf stressed the need to allow fuel shipments in order to keep vital service sectors in Gaza operational.

He also reiterated the importance of establishing a safe corridor that works around the clock to provide humanitarian aid and allow the wounded to receive appropriate medical care outside Gaza.

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