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Seminar in Islamabad Calls for Global Action in Solidarity with Gaza: Attended by 120 Journalists

Islamabad  (Palestine Foundation Information Center)  – A seminar titled “Gaza, a Holistic Perspective,” organized by the Palestine Foundation and the National Digital Journalists Club, convened in Islamabad, attracting over 120 journalists. The seminar resulted in a joint resolution addressing the Government of Pakistan, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and various international organizations.

Participating journalists included prominent figures such as Anchor Harmeet Singh, Secretary General Palestine Foundation Dr Sabir Abu Maryam, Ex President National Press Club Shakeel Qarar, Senior Journalist Mazhar Barlas, Journalist and Researcher Razi Tahir, Bureau Chief Bol News Ali Sher, Senior Journalist Ali Raza Alvi, Seniour Journalist Dr Sadia Kamal, Seniour Journalist and Bureau Chief Public News Aamir Saeed Abbasi. Their presence underscored the importance of media attention and coverage in raising awareness about the plight of the Palestinian people.

The seminar addressed the ongoing crisis in Gaza, condemning the relentless Israeli aggression that has persisted for the past 175 days. Over 100,000 Palestinians have been martyred or injured, with hundreds of thousands left homeless, forced to endure life under the open sky. The seminar participants unequivocally condemned Israel’s actions, recognizing them as nothing short of genocide against the people of Gaza.

Despite the ceasefire resolution passed by the United Nations Security Council, Israel has persisted in its attacks on the civilian population of Gaza, displaying a blatant disregard for international law and human rights. The seminar shed light on the complicity of global powers, particularly the United States, in enabling Israel’s atrocities through unwavering support.

In light of these grave circumstances, the Government of Pakistan must pledge its unwavering support to the people of Gaza, committing to diplomatic, moral, and practical assistance. As the only nuclear Muslim state, Pakistan must recognize its responsibilities towards Gaza and vow to play a leadership role in addressing the crisis.

The seminar also applauded the resistance movements in the Middle East, which have successfully thwarted Israel’s nefarious projects, including the establishment of Greater Israel. Participants stressed the importance of global solidarity with Gaza and called for concrete actions, including arms embargoes against Israel, to fulfill the demands of humanity.

The resolution also raised the alarming martyrdom of more than 130 journalists in Gaza. The participants payed tribute to all those journalists who have given their lives, and presented the demand from the global community to ensure safety of journalists in the war zone and to take strong legal action against this war crime of Israel.

Furthermore, the seminar highlighted the significance of International Quds Day and called upon the Government of Pakistan to officially observe this day in solidarity with Palestine. It urged all political and religious groups to organize exemplary demonstrations across the country to express unwavering support for the people of Gaza.

In conclusion, the seminar participants expressed admiration for the resilience, courage, and heroism displayed by the people of Gaza in the face of adversity. They called upon the international community to stand united in solidarity with Gaza and take immediate action to end the ongoing humanitarian crisis.

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