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Spanish Prime Minister criticizes Israel anew

MADRID(Palestine Foundation Information Center)Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said on Thursday that he doubted Israel respected the international humanitarian law in Gaza and added that repeated military action in the Strip was not acceptable.

“The footage we are seeing and the growing numbers of people dying, especially boys and girls, I have serious doubt that Israel is complying with international humanitarian law,” Sanchez said in an interview with Spanish state-owned broadcaster TVE.

Sanchez also insisted that European countries should discuss the recognition of the State of Palestine, which he says would be in Europe’s interests and would boost its moral standing.

“What we are witnessing in Gaza is unacceptable. And what is going to happen in Gaza after the spiral of violence ends is not going to be acceptable either,” he said.

Recognizing Palestine as a step toward peace would also be in the EU’s geopolitical interests, he noted.

Diplomatic tensions between Israel and Spain have soared following repeated remarks by Sanchez criticizing Israel’s aggression on the Gaza Strip.

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