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Stop the Killing of children in Gaza, a two-day Arts workshop will be held at the Arts Council Karachi

Karachi (Palestine Foundation Information Center) Palestine Foundation Pakistan (PLF) In collaboration with the Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi has announced two-day arts workshop titled “Stop the killing of children in Gaza” which will be held on December 22 and 23 at the Arts Council Karachi.

In memory of the sacrifices of innocent Palestinian children as a result of continuous Israeli aggression in Gaza, a campaign titled “Stop the killing of children in Gaza” is being conducted, under which a two-day art workshop is being held at the Arts Council Karachi.
The workshop invites fine arts experts including designers, painters, calligraphers, digital artists, and copywriters who will showcase their unique art on the theme of “Stop Killing Children in Gaza”.
In a statement issued by the office of Palestine Foundation Pakistan, it is said that the purpose of this workshop is to express solidarity with the children of Gaza and demand to stop killing children in Gaza, also support the oppressed people of Palestine on behalf of the arts community and it will be emphasized that supporting the oppressed is Humanity demands.
The opening ceremony of the workshop will be addressed by the President of the Arts Council and Caretaker Culture Minister of Sindh Ahmed Shah and will give certificates and prizes to the arts teachers and workshop participants while at the end of the workshop all the artworks will be exhibited.

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