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Supporting Palestine through social media is a great cause

ISLAMABAD (The Palestine Information Centre) On the invitation of Palestine Foundation Pakistan (PLF), the Palestinian delegation held a special meeting with the officials of the Social Media and Digital Media Association in Islamabad. The Palestinian delegation was welcomed by the President of the Digital Media Association Razi Tahir who was accompanied by Mazahir Shagri, Qamar Makin, Salman Durrani, and many well-known social media bloggers.

The Palestinian delegation was led by the President of the Majlis Ulama of Palestine, Sheikh Adeeb Yasirji, while he was accompanied by the Secretary General of the Global Campaign to Return to Palestine, Sheikh Yusuf Abbas, and the Secretary General of the Palestine Foundation Pakistan, Dr. Sabir Abu Maryam.

Addressing the social media activists, the Palestinian leaders said that today the oppressive Zionist government has become so weak and fearful that it is taking steps to stop support for Palestine on social media networks. They said that on the one hand Israel is massacring the oppressed Palestinians and on the other hand it is committing journalistic terrorism. They appreciated and paid tribute to the officials of the Digital Media Association for their services related to Palestine.

At the end of the ceremony, all workers were presented with a gift of a Palestinian scarf.

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